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The Tangible Component of machining is often Comparable from Company to Company.  They have many assets, manual and computerized robotic machines in one or numerous buildings. The Intangibles are the defining difference at Apex CNC.

Those intangibles include our ability to manage your projects from paper to completion. We have the flexibility to innovate and improve, the most advanced software, combined with the discipline to maintain exacting tolerances and unvarying consistency.

We’ll work with you, share expertise, recommend processes and materials, and refine designs. You’ll always have access to how we achieve your results. That dialog improves productibility and reduces costs and lead times.

Since we specialize in prototyping and short run projects, our workers bring creative skills and sound fundamental practices to the workplace thus complementing the speed and repeatability of the automated machines they operate.

We also assemble, inspect and provide complete and accurate documentation for liability and traceability. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. We can inventory and ship anywhere in the world to meet your JIT and KanBan requirements.

Service, skill and flexibility are as much a part of our product as actual parts. Contact us today, and put a cutting edge company to work for you.

Company Communications

Please contact us at the following: values your privacy. At no time will Apex make your email address
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CNC Machining Services Apex CNC